The method of producing

1.Chemosythesis Line 
The chemosythesis line is to clean the lubrication grease and antioxidative grease adhesive to the surface while being rolled, and other impurities such as silicon, magnesium, iron and copper that deposit on the surface of aluminum materials. The company uses qualified industrial chemicals and advanced technology from German Henkle co. ltd. to have a chemosythesis dealing with the surface of aluminum materials. Through this technology, the aluminum surface is covered with a honeycomb oxidative coating of high density, which becomes an agent to make paint and aluminum firmly adhesive with each other. This agent has very strong adhesive force.

1. Vol- 2. Brush skim 3. Jinyu skim 4. And in the handling 5. Coating into 6. Drying 7. Quality Inspection 8 winding 9. Packaging
2.Precision coating line
The precision coating line is to coat the chemisynthesized aluminum roll with various paints according to the needs of the customers. The company has an advanded three-roller reversal precision coating machine that can operate under sealed, dustless condition so that the thickness of coating and its outer appearance are under proper control. The oven is divided into four temperature-controlled areas 1 to make the coating reach the best condition in its solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility and good glossiness, strong adhesive force and corrosion resistance

1. Vol- 2. A Tu 3. A bake 4. The Tu 5. Second bake 6. Cooling reservoir materials 7. Quality Inspection 8. Winding 9. Daojuan recheck 10.Packing

3.Continuous thermal-plying composite line
Continuous thermal-plying composite line is the key equipment of the ACP forming, and it can make aluminum material, PE core-board and the polyolefine film firmly adhesive to one another under high heat and high pressure so that the panel is smooth in the surface. With imported qualified adhesive polyolefin film, advanced equipments. Perfect technology and strict quality control, we have produced the aluminum composite panel whose peel strength is two times of the national standard and superior to the quality index of the imported panels.

1. Plastics extrusion 2. Plastic plates forming 3. film 4. Composite aluminum coil 5. Thermal compound 6. Cooling water roller 7. Cooling fan 8. School-forming 9. Quality Inspection 10. Shear 11. Packaging


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