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Construction technology of dry hanging aluminium plastic plate
The line of work, according to the center line of the actual civil and elevation point; finishes design to building axis based aluminum plate frame is composed of horizontal and vertical components. The first bomb line vertical bar position, and then the anchor point to determine the vertical bar.
Installation of fixed connections, on the basis of laying out, welding fixed fittings, welding seam antirust paint two degrees. The connecting piece and the main structure of the embedded parts are welded and fixed, when the main structure no buried buried iron piece, can be installed on the main structure of punching expansion bolts and connecting pieces of iron fixed.
The welding method, the installation frame installation frame, check installation elevation, position of the center line, and at the same time section of the connecting weld antirust paint processing, the fixed connecting piece comprises a connecting piece for the concealed work inspection record of weld length, thickness, location, quantity, elevation of buried depth of embedding.
Fourth, installation of aluminum plate in the profile frame, first milling screw holes for rivets, aluminum-plastic board finishes by block fixed on the steel frame; the gap between the board and the board is 10 to 15 mm and then injected into silicone weatherproof sealant; aluminum plates before installation do not dismantle wrapping paper, tear open the package protection until completion ahead the film according to the direction of the arrow; aluminum plate construction.


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