The Future of Aluminum Composite Panel

There are many problems in the application of aluminum plate curtain wall, but the aluminum plate curtain wall will still be the main force of the aluminum curtain wall due to its inherent characteristics. However, if we do not correctly understand and correct the existing problems, it will bring immeasurable losses to the building curtain wall industry and the aluminum plate industry, and will also have a large number of unsafe hidden dangers in the exterior walls of our country. Analysis of the existing problems, we should proceed from the following aspects of correction.
The aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall is a common work of the aluminum plate industry and the building curtain wall industry. It is also the crystallization of the management of the two industry departments. Therefore, we should pay attention to the existing problems and attach importance to them. Put forward effective measures to overcome and improve, so as to eliminate possible hidden dangers of building safety.
As a product of aluminum plate production enterprises, we should strictly follow the production standards of aluminum and plastic board external wall products, reject all improper requirements, and intercept the formation of substandard aluminum plastic panel curtain wall products from the source of materials. In order to ensure the quality of the special products for aluminum and plastic panels, it is very important to revise the national product standards of the aluminum-plastic composite board. The production process of aluminium plastic sheet products, such as cold pressboard, should not be used unless the aluminum plate curtain wall is suitable for use.
At present, the quality of aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall products is poor, and the main reason for the poor image comes from the processing and installation control problems of curtain wall processing enterprises. Due to the current national standards and norms and foreign standards and norms system system has different problems, so China has yet to have a set of strict and complete application for the production process of aluminum plate curtain wall processing specification and acceptance criteria, which is the impact of an important part of the quality of our aluminum plate curtain wall. Should be as soon as possible by the relevant competent departments to develop nationwide composite aluminum curtain wall processing, production, installation process specifications and acceptance standards, in order to regulate the behavior of the entire industry.
As a product of vitality, its most important component is to have new developments, including new materials, new processes, new systems development. From the material, we can from how to further improve the stability of aluminum sheet material, strength, heat resistance, heat insulation, flame retardant and other aspects of the performance of the development. From the production of curtain wall products, we can develop more new products and new systems to meet the needs of different architectural structures. As the curtain open system, because of its inner layer has the function of ventilation, if properly designed, it can reduce the use of materials, but also can improve the physical properties of the wall, can also greatly reduce stains caused by silicone rubber structure, and enhance the sense of three-dimensional wall.
Unlimited demand, unreasonable cost and make the quality and function of building curtain wall products are infringed, is absolutely not desirable, the final result is the product image damage, increased security risks of the project, and ultimately lose is often the construction units and our living environment. We should appeal to the majority of investors and the construction unit should be the final value and the laws of the market economy, must not blindly stare at the price of two words, but should look at the product in real meaning, such as the product material, technology and manufacturing technology. "A penny for a penny" is the eternal truth of the Chinese proverb.
Sustainable development of aluminum plate industry
In order to maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the aluminum plate industry, we must take the overall, coordinated and sustainable Scientific Outlook on Development as the guide and do a solid job in several aspects:
1., we must work hard to improve the quality of our products:
Product quality is the life of enterprises, but also the basis for the development of the industry. We must change the tendency to focus on output rather than quality, and work hard on product quality.
2., aluminum plate production should be closely integrated with market demand:
The main purpose of aluminum plate is used for curtain wall and building exterior wall decoration, so the development of aluminum plate to the construction industry, building decoration industry demand as the leading direction, to construction industry and building decoration industry closely together, take the common development and common prosperity.
3., give full play to the role of associations:
Association to establish Scientific Outlook on Development, enhance service capabilities, to promote the sustained, rapid, coordinated and healthy development of aluminum plate industry, give full play to the association of bridges, coordination, service and self-discipline function for aluminum plate industry development to create a good environment.
4., actively carry out technological innovation activities:
To promote the technological progress of the aluminum plate industry, the technology is the foundation of the development of the aluminum-plastic plate industry, and only with the continuous innovation and continuous progress of the technology, can the aluminum plate industry survive for a long time. Aluminum plate as a new type of decoration materials, as a kind of organic inorganic composite materials, although it has many excellent properties, but still need to continue to develop and progress, and because the market demand is not immutable and frozen, the technology is in progress.
Future development and Prospect of aluminum plastic panel curtain wall
Although there are many problems and difficulties in the aluminum plate curtain wall, it is only the inevitable process of the development of things. As long as we can know him as soon as possible and solved, coupled with the new application system and its advantages of aluminum plate curtain wall of high performance aluminum plate continuous development of new products and aluminum plate curtain wall, aluminum plate curtain wall we believe that the future should be broad, as building curtain wall products one is irreplaceable, will for a long time enduring development.
In addition, the export of aluminum and plastic panels has doubled in recent years. In order to avoid the arrears of domestic projects and the vicious competition in the same industry, some manufacturers have already lowered their prices


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