Present situation of aluminium composite panel

Foreign countries
Aluminum plate as a new high-tech composite products, since the last century in 60s has been thirty years in the European research and development history, its performance is improved in the continuous improvement and use of a wide range of products in the transportation industry, construction industry and some special industries, such as advertising industry etc.. Especially in the construction industry, because of its unit area, light weight, relatively high strength, easy processing and installation, it has been very common application. From the interior of the building to the exterior decoration, from the low floor to the high-rise building, we can see the figure of the aluminum-plastic plate. At the same time, foreign countries in the application process of aluminum plate has a very strict and certified operating standards, to ensure that aluminum plate can be properly used. Especially when the product is applied to the building, its product certification and use units must strictly comply with the relevant specifications. Because of strict certification system, so nearly 30 years, foreign application of aluminum composite panel, especially in Europe, has been in the development of new products, new systems are emerging.
Aluminum plastic composite plate is a new kind of ecological environment building material. Since the last century, invented in 70s, with the comprehensive performance of advanced composite structures and properties, good performance and easy processing, rich and colorful decorative effect and durability, significantly saving resources and environmental protection and other products are widely used in building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising, decoration, furniture and plaque manufacturing and other fields. Aluminum plastic composite panels are widely used in airports, large sports venues and theaters and other urban landmark buildings, so much attention, is an important product related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. After entering twenty-first Century, along with the rapid development of China's construction industry especially the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo's successful bid, APCP as by architects called the stone (Tao Cizhuan), the third generation of the glass curtain wall materials, has been rapid development.
According to incomplete statistics, the aluminum-plastic composite panel of more than 300 enterprises, according to the National Statistics (all state-owned and annual sales income over 5 million yuan of non-state-owned industrial enterprises) of the aluminum-plastic composite board 204 manufacturing companies, mainly in Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangxi and other places, employees about 45 thousand people, including non state-owned enterprises have more than 80%. In 2008, the industry realized a profit of about 1 billion 800 million yuan, with annual sales of nearly 20 billion yuan. In 2008, the output of aluminum and plastic panels reached 220 million square meters, ranking first in the world, accounting for more than 80% of the world's total output. China is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of aluminum plastic composite plates in the world, and the quality of some enterprises has reached or exceeded the level of advanced countries.
Aluminum composite board industry after 15 years of development, in 2008 the industry output value of nearly 20 billion yuan. Over the past ten years, the average annual growth rate of around 20%, aluminum composite board industry has become a new economic growth point in the field of national economic construction materials. At the same time, a batch of enterprises with the same industry scale in the world have been emerged in terms of production capacity, production equipment, production technology, product quality and so on.
The export of aluminum plastic composite board products has been greatly increased for several years in a row. In 2008, the products were exported to 103 countries and regions, including exports to developed countries in the world. The annual export volume of the aluminum-plastic composite board is about 65 million square meters, and the export earnings are US $910 million. Achieved since the last century at the beginning of the 90s, rely on imports, to the end of last century the homegrown change to export a large number of the century. At present, China's aluminum-plastic composite panels have accounted for more than 85% of the world's import and export volume.
Aluminum composite panel
Present situation of aluminium plastic panel curtain wall products in China
Aluminum plate curtain wall products as a kind of aluminum curtain wall products, compared with the single-layer aluminum curtain wall and aluminum honeycomb curtain wall has the advantages of easy processing performance, economical and practical, a series of advantages such as good quality, is the most widely used aluminum curtain wall products, yield larger varieties. It is this series of advantages of aluminum plastic panel curtain wall, which has made great progress in the short span of ten years in our country. Figure three is our own design, processing and installation of aluminum plate curtain wall project. But there are a lot of problems in the present situation of the aluminum plate curtain wall in China and a series of problems exposed, which are caused by the abuse of these advantages.
Turn workability into shoddy work
Aluminum plate curtain wall is easy to process as everyone knows, it can be processed in the workshop, can also according to the actual working in the field, processing equipment can use regular cutting planer workbench, can also use simple hand tools to complete. Because of this characteristic, caused by China's aluminum plate curtain wall products currently in plus ten there is not the norm, some cracks in curtain wall plate edge, some surface uneven, some in the plate edge aluminum panel and the plastic core splitting phenomenon and so on. The main causes of these phenomena are the following problems.
The slotting of the folding edge of the aluminum-plastic plate is an important processing part to ensure the sufficient strength of the aluminum-plastic plate. It is strictly prohibited to damage the back of the aluminum panel during the grooving process, and leave the plastic parts not less than 0.3mm thick at the same time. However, in the present process, due to the inaccuracy of the operation and equipment, the cracking of the folding edges of the aluminum plate component is often seen, which greatly reduces the strength of the aluminum-plastic plate.
The stiffening rib and stiffening rib assembly of the aluminum plate assembly is the key to ensure the strength and integrity of the aluminum plate assembly. However, there are many problems in the process of machining and assembly. Such as strengthening the side ribs


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